When Venus came home


We met on a rainy evening in the NY shelter… at first, they couldn’t locate her, and I was afraid someone had already scooped her up.  She had been placed in the wrong kennel and when finally found an exhausted, frightened 11-week-old border collie mix was places in my arms. They called her Venus.

I tried to get her attention, looking into her in the eyes trying to get an idea of who she was but she just snuggled in and slept in my arms.  I sat there with the furry bundle for nearly an hour and when it came time for me to go the attendant asked if I was taking this puppy called ‘Venus”.

After very little pleading and a bit of preparation we sent our Molly back the following morning to collect the puppy. ‘Venus’ as she was called wasn’t very happy with the car ride was a bit timid and so afraid. We were nervous that maybe she was sick. But when the puppy arrived home, she suddenly transformed, playfully loping around the yard, it was like she knew it was hers. She knew she was home

…and so she, came home that day, the pup we would not call ‘Venus’.